The 8 Styles of the British Man

From Americana to Future Commuter

2,000 British women were polled to choose their favourite 2018 style for men…

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The trend: Americana

The guy: He’s a Deep South dreamboat. ‘I can’t saddle a horse, but my roast saddle of lamb is the best in the west.' Rustic brown shades and earthy tones with a splash of blue, turquoise or teal, and fringed edges, embossed metal hardware and horn buttons.

Where he’s going: Off to see the Charles Marion Russell exhibition, then on to the butchers to pick up his saddle of lamb.

What he’s wearing:

  • Indigo chambray shirt with embroidered design
  • Shearling aviator jacket
  • Tapered black jeans
  • Oversized metal belt buckle
  • Suede Chelsea boot

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Smart & Sporty

The trend: Smart & Sporty

The guy:He’s ‘always dressed accordingly’. A fusion of traditional sartorial, with a dash of sports luxe is set to continue as we see reimagined tailored pieces blended with more casual shapes.

Where he’s going:He’s going to the office bright and early followed by a round of golf in the afternoon.

What he’s wearing:

  • Prince of Wales checked bomber jacket
  • Geometric patterned golf sweater
  • Loose cut tailored cropped trousers
  • Block bright coloured socks
  • Casual brogue with a heavy sole

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Future Commuter

The trend: Future Commuter

The guy: Wearing the latest practical fashion, he accessorises his look with the most up to date technology.

Where he’s going:City dweller heading to the latest Apple product launch.

What he’s wearing:

  • Wearable technology i.e. apple watch or fitbit
  • Shirt layered with a sweater
  • Woollen blazer
  • Darkwash jeans
  • Leather satchel

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Great Outdoors

The trend: Great Outdoors

The guy:He always appears prepared for adventure, and his wardrobe is full of earthy tones

Where he’s going: Anywhere! No matter the occasion he is heading to, this man is ready to take on the great outdoors and battle the elements.

What he’s wearing:

  • Quilted jackets
  • Check patterned shirts
  • Chinos or dark jeans
  • Brown boots

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Logo Lad

The trend: Logo Lad

The guy:He’s brand loyal and loves to show it! Slogans splashed big and loud. Think Kappa circa 1993.

Where he’s going:He’s on his way to watch the footy with the lads.

What he’s wearing:

  • Enlarged slogan print t-shirt
  • Tracksuit bottoms with a side seam logo stripe
  • Hooded jumper with a printed or embroidered logo
  • 3D embroidered baseball cap
  • Yeezys or bold Nike trainers

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Check me out!

The trend: Check me out!

The guy: He’s a classic hipster. Checks and plaids with a playful twist. The gentleman’s version of the #BasicB*tch!

Where he’s going: Off to have his beard trimmed and waxed, and then on to his local drinking establishment for a craft beer tasting session.

What he’s wearing:

  • Patchwork check woodcutter shirt
  • Darkwash selvedge denim with at least a 2 inch turn up
  • Tan wingtip boot or dress up combat boot.
  • Pocket watch

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90’s Baby

The trend: 90’s Baby

The guy: He’s the one who puts on Oasis at every party and sings wonderwall word-for-word with hand on heart.

Where he’s going: Off to see Liam Gallagher perform of course, and he’s ‘mad for it’!

What he’s wearing:

  • Bold blocked coloured shell suit jacket (or puffa jacket)
  • Oversized slogan t-shirt
  • Cargo pants with multiple pockets
  • Chunky white trainers
  • Bucket hat
  • Casio watch

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The trend: Scumbro

The guy:He’s making badly dressed look ‘cool’ in baggy trousers, graphic shirts and bolshie caps. Most of what he is wearing costs more than your car, and he probably takes inspiration from Justin Bieber’s latest look. It costs a great deal to look so poor…

Where he’s going:He’s heading out for coffee or the skatepark with his friends. Wherever he goes he looks laidback.

What he’s wearing:

  • Oversized branded t-shirts
  • Baggy acid jeans
  • Bright trucker caps
  • White slip on trainers
  • Gold Rolex

In collaboration with Jonathan Lloyd from Floyd Loyd Bespoke. Instagram: @j_lloyd_bespoke